Infrared temperature measurement system IR 236

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IR 236 system is capable to run spatial control in high density human environments, rapidly identify and track any person with a higher body surface temperature, which is among symptoms of unhealthy conditions including the new coronavirus type. The system is user friendly, stable and reliable Using warning settings, a war ning/tracking signal can be issued to ensure that the target is not lost, and no response is needed against any exposure to high temperatures of other objects IR 236 is an ideal equipment to secure a safe environment in airports, railway stations, subways, shopping malls and business centers and to monitor conditions in quarantine areas, health institutions and epidemic prevention wards.


  • Setting up alarm temperature thresholds and ranges, setting up number of alarms, setting up automatic cleaning of alarm pictures, setting up shielding against any object detection field involving temperatures beyond permissible limits;
  • Real time temperature monitoring in any point of detection region;
  • Human face recognition;
  • Query, classification and deletion support for screen shot history of impermissible temperature alarms.
Article number:
Detector Type:
Uncooled Vanadium-Oxide Microbolometer
IR Camera Resolution:
400 х 300
Temperature Sensitivity:
40 µK
IR Camera Focus:
9.7 mm
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For more information on payment and delivery, please contact us at